Saturday, May 28

eighteen equals 6pm--

more stuff

seventeen? yeah, right!


Friday, May 20


Just "finished" another 3D Studio Max modeling. This one is suppose to be a sea horse. Assembled only with video cameras and punchers pieces. The hard part was not creating those pieces, was using nurms (google it) on a piece that was suppose to be flat. And even more difficult was connecting all those pieces with nurms [mas é tudo uma questão de forças, meus caros].Two of them are not connect, but let's just all pretend they are. Crazy week, even crazier week to come. Fingers crossed!

Wednesday, May 18

sweet sixteen, not that sweet--

aiming for the future, not knowing where it leads nor what it bring. To sum up, it's a shot in the dark. But doesn't matter, trying is always better than not trying, just go for it, like, yesterday please--

fifteen puzzle--

That awkward moment when-- someone that you don't know starts talking to you, out of the blue, and you just want them to shut up. Well, just be nice, like T's ten page book that is yet to be published says, karma's a bitch-

Monday, May 16

You're like fourteen, he said--

May 16th: He died--
The page was still wet when I grabbed it, like she was crying when writing it. He looked around searching for her, but it was too late. He gasped, there was a note on the table and it could read "I'm sorry, it's too painful". A tear rolled down his face, she was already gone--
Diaries, journals, same thing. I received a diary once, don't quite know how long ago, and I just came across it today. It's blank. There's nothing there. But-- I remember that when I received it, someone told me it should be written on every day, and it should contain the good and the bad moments of that same day. Even though it's blank I know it had something written, from when I was about nine, it said--

Sunday, May 8

yesterday wasn't friday the 13th--

Between all these keys how do I know which one belongs to your heart? Oh, right, I forgot I already have a copy of that one in my key-chain. Sorry to have bothered you-- goodbye now.

Thursday, May 5

You bug me

Por tanto, quando se descobre que estamos a fazer um exercício mal praticamente desde o inicio a coisa mais acertada é recomeçar de novo, até porque deve dar menos trabalho do que estar constantemente a arranjar o que nunca irá ter arranjo, mas há quem goste de desafios, e de aparar "rabos", e dizer que erros são bugs, e deixar as coisas andarem mal-- porque pensava que o objectivo era fazer renderings. WRONG! Apresento-vos o Bug, the fish.

É bonito não é? Pois é-- mas só nestas posições. FACE! (desculpem). Não, agora a sério, o peixe ficou mesmo brutal, o pior é que o stor se vai passar quando vir a porcaria que para lá fizemos. Ah, e ainda por cima foi feito a partir de uma-espécie-de-tutorial-slash-exercio-com-todos-os-passinhos-a-fazer. Plataforma: 3D Studio Max, e o Bug-gy é um peixe bué bonito. (btw, bué já é escrito com u!) LOL

Wednesday, May 4

half a day it's pretty rough-- 12H

How can you not love the city!? Impossible.

the eleventh hour--

I hate when stupid networks cancels series with such potential. Just hate it. Saw the last of What About Brian today, I want more :S
and it doesn't matter if you're Adam, Alaric, Ernesto, Matt, Matthew, whatever, you're always amazing (actor tété, actor! amazing actor!!)

Monday, May 2

I wanna travel on I-10 this summer--

Just finished this new draw. I actually think it's not THAT bad. So, it's not really the tenth page but, whatever, just felt like sharing it. XO my good people

Sunday, May 1

revolution nine--

What are you keeping from me, he asked. "I shouldn't-- ok, I'll tell you, but only if you promise not to tell anyone", she begged, "or laugh" she added. Smiling, he turns to her and says, my love, I'll take your secret to the grave. She was relived, until he finished the sentence "--but laughter is an uncontrollable bodily response".

eight times sixty five is--

Six episodes in a row, all from different series and, of course, I saved the best for last. I really should start making some more "doodles", shouldn't I? and practice a (lot) more on face sketches-- I know.

palavra da noite: Rrraaauuu.