Saturday, April 30

seven's a lucky number-- right?

Home after an amazing concert: stomp. Here's what I was working on all morning, and a couple days before that. Goal: to create an image with nothing more than just lines (and then to color it). Simple right? No. The original (image) is from the photographer Alan Sailer.

Friday, April 29

oh my, what a six pack--

scratch the last (the one before that) post-- who can resist that little birdie who's so cute-- and blue btw, which is awesome! Who said smartphones are not as good as iphones? it was me-- BUT, I was wrong, you see, now I already have two social network apps on my cute little phone which I will start using as soon as I can get free internet wherever, whenever (that with some luck, it'll be tomorrow). Ah, take that!

Wednesday, April 27

ifive y'all--

The human body has about seventy two percent of water. In order to become more biological, your body must have ninety percent of water. And that's how you can become more biological in life, or something like that.

better make it four--

I would create a twitter account if I only could get free wi-fi wherever, whenever, but unfortunately, a smartphone is not an iphone. kiss kiss bang bang

Tuesday, April 26

even with three--

new, not that new nor bad, band: ipony. they couldn't find a better name I'm guessing. and yes, I believe the term you were looking for is omg.

Monday, April 25


It's not the best page yet, but I guess it's OK enough

Sunday, April 24

I said one--

I'm suppose to have 120 pages done by the end of the semester-- so I've decided to post every two pages whenever I complete them. Here's the first two (it's actually page four and five, but the first three aren't that great--)