Monday, February 1

DIA 68:
Simon and Charlotte
– Let's dance
– No, sorry, i dont feel like dancing and, i dont dance
– You still the same, a flourescent adolescent
– And what do you know?
– Please, I'm Mandy! Let's go, cause i stil take you home. Where did you say you live?
– By the river
– Oh, good things that that place reminds me off. Thanks for the memories
– When we got there do want to go for a swim? Me and you.
– With you?
– Trust me
– No, sorry, but never again
– Come on, i dont love you anymore
- That, before, was just a certain romance.
– I'm not sure of that, and i'm not okay with it
– Dont stick to little thins
– Have pacience but you, bigger boys, all think that are superstars. And not that suddenly i see that you'll be forever young. Grow up~
– Little less conversation little more action please, shall we go?
– This love i know that wasnt just a summerlove, i felt. (silence) What time is it? 7 minutes to midnight, i have to go
– Dont go! Yeah, you're the one and only, true, but being here without you it's the same as to be dead. You're so elegante, damn, hate that i love you.
– There are more beautiful girls, just look over my shoulders
– It's impossible! It's like chasing cars or be waiting on the world to change.
Dont say that. The life it's unwritten. Grab a pen and start, the world hold on, dont worry
– From yesterday, sunday morning, that the world is black for me. It is like the kill when you're gone. Come back, kiss me
– Breathe the air night, it will make you feel better, and relax, take it easy. I have to go.
– Wait! wait. I have to apologize for my behavior. Ok, goodbye my lover, i'll just... go sleep and... dream about you.
– Oh, that's sweet, but i gotta go my own way.You cant hurry love. Bye
– But... but, we can still work this out, bet on me. Cause you are the music in me.
– If we are meant to be we'll be together at the end. Bye
– Its not a goodbye, its a see you later. I hope.

ps. este texto é feito basicamente só com o título de musicas. have fun finding which's which :D

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