Thursday, April 15

DIA 96:
what are illusions? things that are one but look another? or seem to be another? in my point of view, illusions are enigmas to be solved. sometimes you look at something you say, "well, that can be either this or that", and that could be an illusion you're looking at. by my previous thought an illusion is an something that you see, real or not, where you have to look, to see it and not jump to conclusions too soon. everyone can see one thing that is at plain sight, but not everyone can see the other that is hidden. it iludes us to think that it is one but its actually the other, and in rare ocasions, both. i think illusions, to most of people, are images that tests our awareness, so we can identify if the thing is real or not, if its possible to do or just impossible. in sum, you never know what's real!

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