Sunday, May 2

DIA 113:
A couple of weeks before I've read an explanation of what a deja vu is better than the one i had. Before, I though that a deja vu was a glimpse of an the future of your past that you had already seen in, maybe, your dreams. Then I though when depeer about it and I figured that it was a glimpse of part of your past as to say that you traveled through time to emend the past but without success. In the eighteenth episode of the second season of fringe one of the caracthers give an explanation better liking: he says that a deja vu is fate's way of telling us that we're exactly where we're supposed to be we're right in line with our own destiny and that's why we feel like we've been there before. I like it :D

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  1. wow! that explanation is great! love it too xD