Sunday, May 9

DIA 120:
Do you know how in movie, bad guys say, when they have a gun pointed to the main caracther, "how woul dyou like to die?" . that's their way of saying, "you know, i'm nice, i feel good today, so i'm gonna let you choose the way you're going to the other side, ok" . and why, why do all the guys on the other side of the gun (although if its not an horror movie they dont die, at all) choose a way to die like "lets just get it over with" or "do it painfuless" , what? the best answer i've heard, and i believe i only heard irt once and was in a serie not a movie was "i wanna die old", now that's a good answer, cause if the bad guy pleases the other that teel him to do it quickly, he should please the guy that says "old". just saying

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