Saturday, June 5

DIA 147:
(from the police) "young teacher the subject of school girl fantasy, she wants him so badly..." how come high school girls fall in love with their teachers? thats just insane. insane and gross, can you imagine? i've seen it a couple of time though, and what makes it more absurd is that the teachers weren't that young, or by that matter good looking.
twice, i've seen it happen and didn't understand why, twice! the first time she was in freshman year, and than again in senior year. how, i asked, how can you even look at him like that? what makes it even more absurd is that she would do anything for his attention, the most ridiculous things, like make her friends lose her trust... is it worth it? did you get what you wanted? cause i know you didn't, not only you didn't win, you also lost. and because you knew what it was like you supported me. have you met leigh?

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