Friday, June 18

DIA 160:
frases de dias anteriores que-não-me-lembro-quais-foram-mas-eu-escrevi-as-no-telemovel:
tenho de verificar a pressão de óleo dos pneus , by: teo
a próxima aula é dia 33 (what!?) , by: claudia
o meu namorado é obliquo, by: vanda

música que ficou na cabeça o dia todo:
"my name is dawson leery
and i'm feeling kinda weiry
today is my birthday
and all looks a little blurry
the girl that i care for
left me and ran away
straight into the arms of a guy who turned out to be gay
i've got the blues, yeah, somedays you're born to lose" ...
"my name is andie
and my brother is the one who's gay
my other brother died
and my daddy went away
but i'm still andie
and my boyfriend makes me randy
his name is pacey
and my mom has gone really crazy
i've got the blues, yeah, sometimes you swear you were born to lose" ...
episódio brutal xD

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