Sunday, March 21

DIA 71:
How many worlds are there? is there an alternative universe where the doubts of the past became real? so many theories and no real answers! one may say that in another world you're everything you're not in this world, where in a time in the past when you had to make an important call and you had to choose one of two options you created a paralel universe, where the other option you didn't choose became true, but, if you really think this through you'll see that each day you make more than a million of these calls, just each single day. do i stay in bed five more minutes or do i get up, to i walk to the bus stop or do i run, do i or do i not, ... if so, can you count how many different universes would it be out there? infinite, it's impossible that this is possible. well, for some reason the name sci-fi as invented, to be putted in a tag along these theories. dummies!

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