Monday, March 22

DIA 72:
there are so many interesting sports and all that, apparently all people, care about is soccer. oh, it's the best sport ever, oh, bullshhhh. not the best sport, never. if you want a sports channel don't switch to sportv, switch to extreme, skate, snowboarding, ski, dirt bike, downhill, bungee jumping, real cool radical trips,... ok, fine, if you're not into radical sports... well, it's your loss. you may blame on the country, because this country does not have a tv channel showing ice hokey, like in canada, baseball, like in the usa, lacrosse, like in england, or even football and so on. well, ok, if it does show apparently no one sees, cause no one talks about them! jeez, grow culturaly will 'ya!
frase do dia: são boé parecidos, um é primo outro é irmão afastado , by: teo(nem eu percebi o que el queria dizer com esta frase)

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