Thursday, August 12

DIA 215:

"Why are you smiling?" I think-- wait, what? "Do you think this is funny?" O.k rude guy, knock it off will-- "What's your name rookie?" Who the heck is this guy? "I'm Andrea S--" "You look like a Potter" And he turns his back on me, nice. O.k, and you are? Oh, I know-- rude, and just because I'm polite. Who does he think I am? "Come on Potter, there's a lot of work to do, chop chop" Is he seriously gonna call me that? Potter? And I'm suppose to follow him? Oh, here's the captain-- "I'm sorry, sir, I'm suppose to--?" --listen to that guy? "That is the one of the two doctors that manage this around here, follow him around and obey to his orders and you'll be fine. I'll come back in six months, try to stay alive"

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