Friday, August 13

DIA 216:

What am I doing here? Somehow I thought that following a doctor-- nay, a rude doctor around would be funnier than go on an eurotrip. Oh, right, I forgot, I would either go on this trip alone or with people that, right now, hate me. He cheats on me and from zero to one I became the bad guy for kissing-- because another guy kissed me in front of him. This is what happens when one is always so nice and tries to do everything right. Oh, and apparently I'm naive too. "If you had brought the fact that you saw him cheat on you a bit earlier you wouldn't be in this position--" And what does she know about this kind of stuff? She doesn't even have a boyfriend-- in like, ever. Guess this is what happens when I start dating the guy that my friend said she was never interest in-- yeah, right.

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