Friday, August 20

DIA 223:

"Are you being paid to sleep? Get up, there's always lot to around here Potter". Now, isn't it the nicest way to wake up? I hate this guy, but today he was quite right about the amount of work; a truck came with two more soldiers in need of surgery. I've seen Grey's show but the reality it's much more, how do I explain this… alive? The rush of adrenaline passing through our veins, it's incredible, absolutely amazing, but there's also a certain fear that comes with it. Fear of doing something wrong that may put the man's life to an end, and believe me, it doesn't take much. The hardest part of all this is learning all the name, not only of the, say, devices that a surgery requires but also of the human stuff we're used to call by the names of "arm bone" or leg bone" and so on.

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